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Welcome to our company!  We are glad you stopped in to look around.  At Corporate Jungles we provide many services.  We offer these services at or below our competition.  We are the gold standard in service (but without the price tag!) 


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Indoor plant care

When you need indoor plant care in your office, hospital, or building call us for an estimate.  If you already have a service company you could save 50% on what you currently pay.  Don't you want to save money?  Many do these days with costs going up daily.  We are a company that believes in weekly plant care which includes watering, fertilizing, mossing, insect control, shining leaves, and plant replacements.  Most of our customers are happy with our services and many have been with us since we opened our doors in 2009.  We go above and beyond for our customers.  We never take anyone for granted and we work hard to keep every customer deliriously happy.

Save money!

Landscape design and maintenance

We work hard to create a unique and thriving landscape for all our customers.  You can't go wrong by calling and getting an estimate!  We work with home owners to keep the lanscape tip top.  Our services include mowing, weeding, fertilizing, fall cleanup, spring planting, annual plantings, perennial maintenance, pruning (my favorite job!), Installation, and yes, we design lanscapes as well!  We are competitively priced. 

The best perennials on the web.